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The Most Boring Article About Writing You’ll Ever

The most boring article about writing you’ll ever read: That’s the title of this article

The following is the most boring article about writing you will ever read

It may even be longer than any other boring article about writing

If you are looking for a fun, entertaining read on how to write a great novel or

Even though, in general, people seem to like it (and even though I get paid for it),

Or maybe it’s because everyone else seems to be able to write better than me — or

Maybe it’s because all these amazing writers are constantly producing these amazing pieces of work while

It’s easy to get discouraged when you’re trying to make a career out of writing,

It’s about finding fulfillment in the act of writing itself: finding joy in sentences and paragraphs;

It’s also a great way to practice writing in general — you’ll probably notice that your

And perhaps most importantly: freewriting can help you get in the habit of writing regularly (which is

If you don’t have time for regular writing sessions throughout your day (or even just for

Planning is important in writing because it helps you organize your thoughts before committing them to paper

Once you finish an outline, it will be easier for you to get started writing because all

By having an outline ready beforehand that includes every section/topic we want included in our paper,

Outlines are also great for making sure your work is organized and easy to understand

We all know the feeling: you sit down at your keyboard, ready to write the next great

The trick here is not to get discouraged by this lack of progress or direction; it’s

Just keep typing until you’ve got a paragraph or two written down — and even then keep

This first draft might not be very good (it probably won’t), but don’t worry about

This person can be anyone: a friend, family member or coworker

They should not sugarcoat what they think of your writing by saying things like “it’s great!”

You want someone who will tell you exactly what is wrong with the piece so that you

Finding a few editors who you trust and whose opinions you respect, and who have time to

In an attempt to make this article more interesting, I’ve compiled a list of ways to

” One option is to use a different verb for the same character

For example, if you have a character who talks in an authoritative tone and has a lot

“I am not going to be told what I can or cannot do by anyone!” he said

” This will not only show your reader how this character feels about what’s happening but also

And there’s at least one where the author is more concerned with telling you about her

Don’t worry — there are plenty of resources out there for people like us!