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The Messiness of My Policeman

But, my friends, we are not here to discuss these modern day shenanigans, however entertaining they may

Forster was open about being gay with his friends, but because being gay was a capital punishment

However, upon looking back, his choice of lovers seems to have been a somewhat open secret; it

Forster’s writing largely examines hypocrisy and the differences between classes in the United Kingdom

He based his 1913 novel Maurice in part on his relationship with the philosopher poet Edward Carpenter and

All this is to say, Edward Morgan Forster was not only a prolific and keen-witted author, but

His personality was certainly in full force during his relationship with Bob Buckingham, a policeman who was

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21 that is based on the book of the same name by Bethan Roberts

Marion/May has been besotted with Bob/Tom ever since they were young

After years of separation, she meets him again and begins to pursue him as a love interest

But Patrick/Edward and Tom are already very close; so close that Patrick loans Tom his apartment

He maintains a relationship with both Patrick and Marion, whose real-life counterparts also shared Their Policeman

He is charismatic and a staunch supporter of LGBTQIA+ rights

He (and his style team) are following in the footsteps of David Bowie and Prince in visually

Styles is well-paired with Emma Corrin as Marion and David Dawson as Patrick

*Don’t get arrogant, America: it took until 2003 for all 50 U