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The Liar’s Crown by Abigail Owen ⋆ LitBuzz

Some shadows protect you…others will kill you in this dazzling new fantasy series from award-winning author

I’ve been living under the guise of a poor, obscure girl of no standing, slipping into

Now the queen is dead and the ageless King Eidolon has sent my sister a gift―an

I don’t trust him, so I do what I was born to do and secretly take

He struggles to contain the shadows he wields―other faces, identities that threaten my very life

The Liar’s Crown by Abigail Owen is a young-adult fantasy in which a royal line births

The first-born is of course deemed the heir of the throne, while the second-born is raised in

Unbeknownst to the rest of the realm, there is an evil king who always manages to kidnap

We follow Meren through her troubled existence as a replacement princess

When the time comes to protect her sister, she does so willing

Within an hour of the queen’s death, princess Tabra (Meren) is stolen by a handsome stranger

He’s stolen Princess Tabra for an honorable reason, even if it takes a while to discover

He tries to present himself as mean and fierce, but he inevitably shows that he cares about

While surviving together, they definitely move from enemy territory into the friendly zone

This is definitely an exciting young-adult fantasy, but it has a strong focus on romance

So much of the book is spent with Meren and her captor building their trust and relationship

While Meren is fighting to stop an evil king and keep her sister and herself alive, she

Abigail Owen gave us just enough closure to not go into a rage on her social media

She’s recently entered the world of “Booktok” on Tiktok, and is having way too much fun

The only shows she watches are re-runs, and if she’s not reading a book she’s