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The Importance of Self Satisfaction

Why writers should focus solely on their own work as opposed to opinion from various quarters

There will be readers who won’t like what they read, neither would they be bothered about

They will vent out their resentment, and the writer has to accept the same with a pinch

That being said, if it is a scathing criticism, there is nothing to fret about

In fact, what a writer writes happens to be a manifestation of that opinion

Vladimir Nabokov, for instance, had this opinion on various writers

An opinion is nothing but a reader’s way of expressing a point of view

It is a reader’s response, so to speak, their reaction to the content on offer

It is not imperative that those who get into this act have either (completely) read or (entirely)

What needs to be understood instead is the fact that everyone has an opinion

As such, an opinion is something that has to be respected, even if it is meant to

In this column, author Chloe Benjamin discusses the value of reader feedback

While they are supposed to be objective while reviewing an offering, truth be told, objectivity is the

In such a scenario, few have the patience to understand the nuances of criticism, or consider it

That being said, criticism is something that cannot be avoided altogether

It is a fact that handling criticism is difficult more often than not

In this article in The Writer magazine, author Susan Breen provides nine strategies to handle criticism

In trying too hard to please prospective readers with his/her writing skills, the writer becomes overcautious,

It is a self-inflicted pressure that more often than not works towards the detriment of a writer

On the contrary, instead of focusing on what the readers want to read writers should channelize their

In this blog author KM Weiland explains the importance of why the writers should try to first

Most readers scan through the written matter and a huge majority pass it altogether

Blame it on changing tastes, a growing addiction to social media usage or rigours of professional life

This report in The Daily Star also explains the global decline in readership

Besides, this also absolves the author from any possible criticism of a reader, who read only after

The overall quality of the draft should convince the writer to put it up in a public

If the writer remains convinced, then withstanding any kind of opinion or criticism becomes a lot easier

On the contrary, if a writer is not happy with his/her own effort, there’s no

There will always be some readers who will appreciate the effort

If the published work is being appreciated, they join the queue and applaud

If there are criticisms galore, this lot adds fuel to the fire that is already burning

What needs to be understood, therefore, is the fact that not everyone can be pleased