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The Guilt of Rereading — and a Hopeful Solution

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Yes, we all die and technically run out of reading time, so it isn’t that imaginary,

I’m just staring at my list of unread books, and they are demanding

Even the ones that have burrowed under my skin, that I carry around with me, they tell

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Sometimes a new book punched me in the throat and left me gasping for air

It’s how I found myself one day grabbing Check, Please! by Ngozi Ukazu and rereading both

So, I got to linger on sweet scenes and really focus on the illustrations and catch little

Naturally I thought, “Finally, I can be a rereader!” and eyed my copy of The Princess Bride,

In my excitement of selling Alexis Hall’s Rosaline Palmer Takes the Cake for how funny it

” As my friend debated on which format to grab, I realized I’d read a digital galley

That’s when the book gods smiled down on me: my brain shouted nothing about new books

Reading in different formats can really change the experience of a read

It also feels different to have a story told to you out loud

Audiobooks can create a feeling of not reading alone, which for comfort reading purposes may be a

Now, as I look at books I’d love to reread in audiobook format for the holidays,

Maybe I missed a theme, or will now like what I disliked previously and vice versa

I’ve also realized that while this helps with my issue of wanting to be a rereader

Now I can pick up the print copy after the audiobook for nonfiction titles I loved

I’ve learned that rereading by switching book format allows me to not only be able to