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The Fine Balance Between Writing in Isolation and Fully

Why I stopped writing for years and now that I have restarted, why I need a strategy

All the things I always loved about it are still there — just as strong, if not more

It brings back the reasons why I love to write and why I had to stop

My world has changed from walking to elementary school in the community where I grew up, to

Time stands still and the world disappears along with everything that feels wrong or scary with it

It feels good when they come out on the page — so much better than stirring around inside

However, the more I write, the more I notice my world is shrinking

In order to get into the place where the words flow and time stops, I need to

Which I realize as I start to withdraw and prefer spending time alone with my work

Choosing the experience of fully living and experiencing life over living closed off with my thoughts and

It was sad, but it was actually a choice for happiness and in that way, it wasn’

I knew the words would always be there inside me, but I realized that the opportunity to

Finding Medium and a community of writers writing for the love of it, was completely inspiring

When my husband started asking “so, what are you guys going to do today?” meaning, “are you

I was finally doing something creative and if it came with a few domestic concessions, well so

Then one morning I decided to look through my old writing — boxes stored under the basement stairs

This was the year I made the decision to put writing away and focus on the sunny

I have never read Silvia Plath’s, The Bell Jar, but in some ways, I think I

However, I am older, hopefully more self-aware, and have built a life on happiness and positive relationships

What I have to do now is navigate a balance between the two worlds

And there are positives — having a creative outlet feels great

And, there is the somewhat remote possibility that maybe I can earn a bit of money (or

I am grateful for the experience of saying yes to happiness and abandoning writing all those years

At least now, I can identify the signs of preoccupation and withdrawal and work towards a healthy

Starting today (just as soon as I finish this article) I intend to focus on: