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The Easiest Way To Fuse More Confidence in Your

Can you “be yourself” and “make an impact” at the same time?

And when you lack confidence in your voice, your punches lose momentum mid-air

So yeah, if you are a writer or a blogger, you want to make an impact

You don’t want to be ignored or buried deep under the endless pool of lame content

Do they all express their thoughts well? Can they all capture your attention from the get-go? Most

If a Bengali medium Indian guy with a stammering issue can do it, earning a full-time living

Clean and confident writing comes from clean and confident thinking

If you don’t have absolute mastery over something, you won’t sound as confident as someone

So when they try to fake confidence that’s another sorry sight to behold

So it’s a much better option to find something with a market demand that you can

When you get better at learning newer things, it helps you grow and adapt according to your

” That’s a piece of popular advice floating around all over the internet

But what if you aren’t as talkative? What if you find it easier to write more

Here, you can sprinkle in your dark sense of humor, witty expressions, and carefree spirit that you

It will give your writing enough weight and character to stand out for all the right reasons

Many writers go so excessive with their stylistic choices that their work becomes absurd

Yet, most newbie writers don’t follow this simple framework

Then when they fail along with their half-baked writeups, it’s not their fault

If you do, you will set yourself up for a devastating failure

Instead of trying to be impressive from the get-go, allow yourself to be terrible

You can’t come across as hesitant or unsure to your readers

Another way to go about it is to replace qualifiers or intensifiers with stronger words

You can’t follow a process if you let the pressure get to you

And most importantly, you will have to deal with your imposter syndrome from time to time

They let their lack of immediate compensation hold them down

“You should be far more concerned with your current trajectory than with your current results

“When you fall in love with the process rather than the product, you don’t have to