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The Bookish Internet Killed My Reading Life

Yesterday, I was standing in front of my desk, piled high with books I had checked out

I was going to record everything I read and share it with people

But then I had a much better idea: I could create a book blog just for bi

And when I started the blog, something miraculous happened: people started giving me free books

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I could no longer read every book I was sent, so I stopped promising that

Eventually, I started adding more reviewers to my team: they got access to these books for review,

Somehow, though, I had managed to pile up more obligations while getting rid of those old ones

I was reading more than ever, but my TBR pile grew even faster

And then Book Riot was looking for more contributors, so I had to apply, and then I

Meanwhile, my interest in reading — despite being surrounded by books I was excited about all the time —

I didn’t want to read sapphic books, even though that’s what I most enjoyed reading,

That’s also about the time I realized that my reading was far too white, and I

Then I got the opportunity to co-host All the Books, which sounded amazing, but that meant reading

Now, trying to decide what to read next looks like I’m trying to crack some elaborate

To be clear, and I think this should be obvious, I love the bookish internet

Getting to talk about books, especially queer books, with other readers is amazing

I still love reading, of course, but it’s much more fraught than it used to be

It’s rare that I ever drop all the baggage around it and just read purely for

I’m not even sure I know how to anymore — which is how I ended up giving

I’m determined to find a way around it, though, because my books are the foundation of

I just need to find the magic incantation that will get me out of my head, at