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The Best YA Books of 2022

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2022 has been a year full of remarkable book releases, with plenty by debut as well as established

This list rounds up 15 notable YA releases from this past year

For those you haven’t read before, look for them at your local library or bookstore

Included in this list are books from a variety of genres including contemporary, mystery, fantasy, science fiction,

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Convinced that there is more to Caroline’s death than everyone else claims, Mars investigates the Honeys —

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During her senior year, biracial teen Avery and her mother move to Bardell, Georgia to care for

As Avery is confronted with Bardell’s cruelty and racist history, she is determined to understand more

One year exactly since Trina’s death, Najwa hopes to claim the “Queen of the Tiles” title

But when Trina’s Instagram reactivates — and the posts allude to her death not being accidental — Najwa

Raised in a cult responsible for the end of the world, trans boy Benji runs away to

They believe that Benji can use the biochemical powers the cult inflicted on him to protect the

Nobody understands why except Bo, a new neighbor who helps her figure out the meaning behind what

As she spends more time around Bo, Zharie finds ways to process the grief behind her visions

The winner’s prize? A favor from the princess, which Ning believes will save her sister

Especially since at her last school, the choice was taken away from her when her former best

Nick is a monster slayer and, as Joan soon discovers, her family are monsters

If Joan wants to save her family, she’ll have to embrace that she, too, is a

Goth girl Jessica is stunned when a woman claiming to be her biological mother contacts her through

And joining an upcoming cosplay competition in New York City with a group from her school seems

Best friends Linus and Harrison are inseparable and, with junior year just months away, the two need

But when Linus tells Harrison that his family is moving in a week, neither can’t process

Inspired by Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Harrison plans one memorable day together to say goodbye

But she soon discovers that everyone is the hero of their own story and that there’s

Here, Sam meets new friends — including Shep, who they fall for — at their school’s LGBTQ+ student

As Sam finds themselves increasingly drawn to a decades-old murder, they are determined to catch the killer —

After his boyfriend Farouk leaves him to travel the world, 17-year-old Sy wishes he had said yes

After fulfilling his destiny as the kingdom’s Chosen One, Arek unexpectedly becomes the new ruler

To escape this curse, Arek and his mage best friend Matt begin a search for a spouse

But what is Arek to do when the only person he could see himself spending his life

After discovering she has a knack for engineering, Bel joins her school’s robotics club

As they prepare their robot for the competition, Bel and Teo find themselves understanding themselves and each

But when Millie discovers her dad’s old LiveJournal account, she discovers something shocking

In college, her dad was involved with three different people who could be Millie’s mom

As Millie competes for her dream internship with her frenemy Oliver, who she may be falling for,