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The Best Witchy Romances for Autumn 2022

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Reading a deliciously magical witchy romance, for instance, will do the trick! Time to put a spell

Witchy romance novels are often set in our own world, suggesting that just past what we can

The enticing possibility of magic feels more real with an actual chill in the air

For simplicity, this list contains standalone novels or the first in a new series, including adult and

This cozy novel is big on happy found family feels, plus a grumpy-sunshine love story

Mika Moon is one of Britain’s secret witches that meet monthly

Disguising herself as an ersatz witch online, Mika attracts the attention of the caretakers of Nowhere House

Nowhere House’s librarian and the girls’ surrogate father figure, Jamie, can’t stand Mika

Teenage witch Iris Gray is trying to blend into her new town, according to the punishment dealt

Iris spends her days working at the wildlife reserve, and venting her frustrations into curses she’ll

One day, one of Iris’ curses is snatched by one of the rescue birds

Only Pike — the boy Iris wrote the curse for — can help her

Instead of working for her favorite magic-inspired game company, she’s apprenticing for an actual witch

The biggest problem, however, is Ben, an infuriating warlock who happens to be Reggie’s employer’s

When Reggie and Ben have to work together to break a curse, they find they might have

Elena is just a cashier at the local doughnut shop, but dreams of rockstardom

Part of a secret magical society, Ellie is ready to stop being a wallflower

She writes a list of 13 items to change her life, including taking a road trip with her

Her charm goes wrong and instead of Lia, Ellie ends up in the car with Jack on

This YA novel is full of enchanting surprises and everyday magic

Lincoln Thorne, her ex-boyfriend and shape-shifter, will work as a faux beaux as they both try to

Things start to heat up when old feelings and Violet’s magic start to reappear

Sassy and funny, this novel is the first in a new romcom series

Vampire Logan is finally making their way towards becoming a musician, with help from their girlfriend Kay

  When Logan strikes up a close friendship with new girl, Nemo, a runaway witch, it’s not

One year after Ari’s fiancé drowned looking for the legendary city of Ys, a man named

Begging for Ari’s help, Rafael swears the answer lies in the lost city

This fantasy romance is a dark adventure, taking you from Northern France to the depths of the

Lucy finds herself singing, running, and helping her still-oh-so-handsome high school crush Alex unjinx his house

Until Alex and Lucy can figure out a way to unjinx his house and reverse Lucy’s

Tilda is an unlucky magicless member of a powerful witch family, who is also unlucky in love

When Tilda accidentally causes her sister’s delicate spell to glitch and put the whole family in

In the small, magical town of Moon Ridge, legend has it that a young woman died at

Every year, the Lady of Moon Ridge reappears to grant devotee’s their hearts’ desires

Friends Onny, True, and Ash use their magical wits and Onny’s family potion recipe to create

After losing her first love, Salem resident Eleanor is a romance and witchcraft cynic

Drawn to Pix’s charm, Eleanor soon finds herself surrounded by witches and possibility

When gorgeous ghost, Levi, wants to help Gemma reunite with her own sister, Gemma is dumbfounded

This enchanting novel is full of witty banter, with emotional themes of grief and family