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The Best of the Writing Cooperative in December | by

As some of you have pointed out, it’s clearly not dead and, well, you’re technically

That’s really what died with the recent changes to the platform

I’ve been heavily playing with Mastodon for the last month, and it’s a lot of

There’s a solid writing community there — less promotional, more engaging

In other words, the principles The Writing Cooperative is built upon

Of course, I’ll also post it here in the monthly Best of The Writing Cooperative

Speaking of the best, enjoy my favorite stories from this month

We have to be able to imagine how each element has the potential to push the boundaries

art generators begin their journey by scanning millions of images all over the web

This can be considered stealing or copyright infringement, but the laws are still so new and confusing

I’d argue Taylor Swift does more with the words available to her by relying on her

Trust me, I tried and got through three years of writing about internet service at my former