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The Best Kindle Unlimited Mystery Series to Read Right

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I’ve encountered so many authors I’d never have found at the library or in bookstores,

I used to avoid them — being something of a weenie — but I now understand their pull and

I usually have one going either on audio or in hand, and if it’s part of

I also enjoy a good historical mystery set outside of Victorian England, which seems to be the

To make it easier to start at the beginning, each series is introduced by its first book

Detective Stephen Lavender was one of the early Bow Street Runners, the precursor to the detectives of

Charlton takes Lavender’s story and adds fiction, to charming results

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The cover claims you can read them in no particular order, although I’ll end up reading

As you can see from the photo, the Dublin Trilogy runs more than three books

In fact, it runs to seven volumes and is “the funniest crime series” many readers have ever

Her characters are delightful and everything about this (currently) nine book series is fun

Currently standing at 11 volumes, Messina’s cozy mystery series is sure to delight fans of historical fiction

The Emma Frost series has earned Willow Rose the title “Queen of Plot Twists

” Stretching to 13 volumes, this series may find you oscillating between making popcorn and reading — or doing both

Dixon & Baudin, in particular, is a dark series about the grey areas of detective work

In tracking down their family, she uncovers a deadly family secret — and that’s just in book

Detective Kyochiro Kaga is tagged to investigate, and while doing so he recognizes a face from his

Higashino is an acclaimed author in Asia, and it’s delightful to see him getting recognition in

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