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The Best Horror From Around the World

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If you’re an English-speaking horror fanatic, you have probably read your fair share of scary books

As you start to travel the world with your horror literature, the scares are just gonna hit

But where to start with horror fiction from around the world? There are so many great stories

These scary stories will entertain you, make you think, and will truly terrify

This unsettling psychological horror novel begins with Ogi waking up from a coma following a car accident

But as she mourns the loss of her only child, she often neglects to care for Ogi

The only thing Ogi has left to remember his wife is her garden in their front yard

And his mother-in-law, digging bigger and bigger holes in the garden, insists she’s simply finishing what

Let the Right One In is set in 1981 in a quiet suburb in Stockholm, Sweden called Blackeberg

Twelve-year-old Oskar is dealing with relentless bullying at his school

But when a new girl named Elie moves in next door, Oskar thinks he might have finally

Marco’s marriage has fallen apart and his father is suffering from dementia

” Personal contact with those who have been raised to be eaten is strictly forbidden

But when Marcos comes into contact with a live specimen, he feels drawn to her, and he

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As a young woman named Amanda lies dying in a hospital clinic in the middle of nowhere,

But together, she and David pull together a haunting story of eco horror and families torn apart

Why read a haunted house story when you can have a whole haunted apartment complex? The Graveyard

It probably comes as no surprise to you, dear horror novel reader, that an apartment surrounded by

The evils that are unleashed on this unsuspecting family are anything but predictable

In their dreamwalking states, Niannian’s neighbors are able to act out all of the whims and

Niannian watches in horror as the community quickly devolves around him

Now it’s up to him and his family to save everyone from themselves

 To keep the curse of the Black Rock Witch from spreading, the town has been put under

Little do they know how their actions will affect the fate of their town

The story of Hadriana in All My Dreams begins during Carnival in 1938 in the Haitian village of

Hadriana, a beautiful young French woman, is preparing to marry a well-to-do Haitian boy from a prominent

Hadriana drinks a potion that makes her collapse at the altar, and she comes back to life

Set in a small village in the Icelandic Westfjords, I Remember You tells the story of three

But what starts off as an exciting home project gets dark fast

Something in that house does not want them there, and it’s not afraid to make its

If you’re touring horror from around the world, you have to include at least one Junji

Rather, the town is haunted by a pattern: UZUMAKI, the spiral

Wherever the spiral is seen, strange, supernatural events occur

Now that you’ve scared your way round the world, are you still looking for more frights

Or, you can try these slasher books that will leave you begging for more