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The Best Fried Chicken Recipes

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I tested recipes from chefs Alton Brown, Carla Hall, and Zoe Adjonyoh, and Eric Kim

Which fried chicken had the perfect mix of crispiness, juiciness, and flavor? Stay tuned to find out!

Scotland apparently makes some claims, but ah dinnae kin if I buy that argument

So instead of spending too much time on history, let’s look at what separates all the

Here are some of the techniques and ingredients that vary from recipe to recipe:

When choosing the best fried chicken recipes for this Cookbook Showdown, I shot for variety in all

To be honest, I could have spent a year testing dozens of recipes and still not gotten

I’ll share what those were as we go through, but they won’t count toward the

Alton Brown is one of the most iconic TV chefs and food personalities, known especially for his

His unique blend of science and humor make for educational and entertaining content

In this 2016 cookbook, Brown focuses on the personal recipes that most often make appearances in his home

EveryDayCook breaks down its recipes into time of day (morning, noon, afternoon, late, etc

This spoke directly to my soul, as someone who could eat fried chicken at any meal

Based on one of Brown’s more frequent Good Eats characters and the bourbon in the batter,

Brown’s recipe calls for eight pieces of chicken, preferably legs and thighs

It’s dredged in a buttermilk, egg, and bourbon mixture, then coated in flour, cornstarch, and spices

The batter flaked off in places and didn’t fully adhere to the chicken skin

But overall, the process worked as described, and I was more than happy to eat the finished

Carla Hall is also a beloved TV chef, known as a fan favorite from seasons 5 and 8 of

While Hall says the seasoning in her fried chicken can stand alone, she also suggests making her

And holy cow, was it spicy! The cooking process made all the air in my apartment spicy

I had to make it in a KN95 mask and was still coughing and crying! The sauce

The chicken recipe involved breaking down a whole bird into drumsticks, thighs, wings, and breasts

It takes a little more work and practice to break down a chicken, but I love using

This chicken turned out just as expected and was completely delicious, especially with the hot sauce and

I barely managed to hold onto enough extra to try it as leftovers!

Zoe Adjonyoh has spent years working to introduce the culinary world to beloved Ghanian flavors and dishes

I’d been wanting to try recipes from this cookbook for a while and was excited to

I made a few other simple recipes from the book to accompany it, including “Waakye Rice”, “Simple

This fried chicken recipe calls for chicken breast strips coated in seasoning and left to marinate overnight

They’re then breaded with cornflour and seasonings and fried in vegetable oil

I couldn’t find it at my grocery, so I substituted cornstarch with a bit of cornmeal

I also wish more of the seasoning was added to the breading instead of just in the

But it still worked well with the other sides from Adjonyoh’s cookbook

Eric Kim has a big fan-following for his recipes and food writing at the New York Times

It’s got gorgeous pictures and moving stories from Kim’s time visiting his mother in Georgia

Looking at the photos alone, you can tell it’s crispy yet juicy and coated with a

Kim insists the chicken be served with his pickled “Chicken Radishes

” I also made his “Charred Cauliflower with Magic Gochugaru Dust” as well as his “No-Churn Ice Cream

Then it’s coated again with potato starch, giving each piece a thorough breading

This creates beautifully crispy chicken with a stable coating

It’s then tossed in a skillet of simmering sauce made from garlic, jalapeños, brown sugar,

The method of double-coating and double-frying worked wonders for this chicken, and the sauce was absolutely incredible

I usually take a moment at this point to reflect on what I’ve learned about the

In fact, I would happily undergo this experiment again with four different fried chicken recipes

My best advice for you, I suppose, is to not be afraid of making fried chicken at

It’s not as intimidating as it seems, as long as you’re careful not to splash

How can all those things exist at once? And not only fresh out of the oil, but

I couldn’t let this article rest without also mentioning how much I adore Carla Hall’s

It’s approachable and fairly simple to make, and the results are spectacular

This is another recipe I’ll absolutely return to, and Carla Hall’s Soul Food is a

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