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The Best Cosmic Horror Books that Reject Lovecraft’s

As the world has become increasingly baffling, nonsensical, and outright terrifying, I’ve been drawn to reading

Lovecraft may not be the creator of the cosmic horror genre, but he is perhaps the figure

While his stories vary wildly in quality, there are some brilliant moments that have influenced media from

However, Lovecraft’s literary legacy is tainted by Lovecraft himself

As Jason Sanford notes in a blog post, Lovecraft was virulently racist even by the standards of

Here are some of the best Lovecraft-minus-Lovecraft stories for all cosmic horror fans

Jemisin’s The City We Became is one of the best cosmic horror stories and anti-Lovecraft Lovecraftian

First in the Great Cities series, it follows the story of New York gaining sentience through a

This creepy horror hits all the Lovecraftian points — mysterious cults, malevolent magic, and monstrous beings hiding just

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Blending cosmic horror and detective fiction, Hammers on Bone is the first in the Persons Non Grata

John Persons is a private investigator, hired by a young boy to kill his abusive stepfather, who

Drawing on The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath, Johnson’s book takes Lovecraft’s Dream Cycle and rebuilds

Telling the story of a cult, the aftermath of said cult’s planned ascension, and an impending

A gut-punching story that blends horror both cosmic and mundane, The Ballad of Black Tom is a

Anyone who’s read The Shadow Over Innsmouth knows that Lovecraftian horror often has a fishy edge

However, when they hear the tale of The Fisherman, they realise there’s a chance to regain

Together with his best friends Zara and Marcus, Oscar is pulled into a hidden underworld that he

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