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The Best 2023 Bookish Wall Calendars

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Not only do these calendars help you keep track of important dates, they also are a fun

Besides, flipping a calendar page to the new month is so satisfying

It really feels like time is passing, and that you’ve accomplished getting through that month

There’s general bookishness, calendars about specific series, kids’ cartoon calendars, Marvel & DC options, and a

Get beautiful paintings of book stacks and some solid book recommendations at the same time

These all feature books by authors of color, and each month has a stack by theme

This calendar showcases painting of women reading throughout history

Each month of this calendar features a painting of Middle-earth landscapes from different artists

But it sure has a lot of handbooks! Each month features a painting of a different class

Someone needs to study how exactly Garfield has such a stranglehold on the consciousness of generations of

Speaking of timeless kids’ cartoon, this calendar celebrates Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts characters! $14

Naruto is one of the best-known manga and anime series — the manga sold hundreds of millions of

This manga series has 36 volumes and has been adapted into several different animes! $17

If you prefer a throwback to earlier days of comics, this one will be more your speed

For DC devotees, we have some options for you, too! Here is one featuring the Justice League

Or you can pick up this Wonder Woman calendar, with each month featuring Wonder Woman in a

You can enjoy this calendar for years to come, because each image is a poster! $20

More interested in The Mandalorian specifically? Here’s the calendar for you

But let’s get one step more specific, because this calendar is dedicated to the one and