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The Batman/Sherlock Holmes Crossover You Always Wanted (Is

When you ask someone to name the greatest detective in fiction, they will likely answer one of

Both men have become icons for their fancy duds, great brains, and memorable sidekicks

Fortunately, little things like the laws of time and space are no barrier for DC Comics

In Detective Comics #572, to commemorate the series’ 50th anniversary, we got not only a love letter to

We start not with Batman but with Slam Bradley, a detective character conceived by Superman creators Jerry

Unfortunately, Morgan ends up getting kidnapped anyway, so the Dynamic Duo heads off to London while Bradley

He makes the rounds of Gotham’s crummiest bars and neighborhoods until he finds the missing girl

Once they are safe, she reveals that Morgan’s real name is Moriarty, and that her own

In London, yet another detective, the Elongated Man, shows up

He stumbles upon another Moriarty (not the kidnap victim), who is determined to destroy a recently rediscovered

The manuscript, “The Adventure of the Red Leech,” tells the story of a young doctor who has

Since he is about to join Queen Victoria’s medical team, he wants to figure out what’

There’s even a wink-and-nod to fans of the Basil Rathbone films: the client’s name, Nigel

Brewster’s wife, an agent of Moriarty’s, had been keeping him docile with a leech with

With Brewster indisposed, a doppelgänger could get to the queen, kill her with a leech, and

So why did this evil Moriarty descendant want to destroy the manuscript? He was afraid it would

It all culminates in this fantastic image of Batman punting a bomb disguised as a book while

Instead, he receives a timely assist from an old man with a deerstalker

Yes, Sherlock Holmes is alive and well! In 1987! You’ll never guess how that happened!

Sherlock Holmes discovered immortality through beekeeping and living in Tibet

This is absolutely not the story I was expecting from the cover, which features a young Holmes

But if you’re here solely for the Batman/Holmes crossover, you’ll probably be disappointed

Lucky for us, the last few Sherlock Holmes stories are entering the U

public domain as of January 1, 2023, so the Doyle estate will no longer have grounds to pull nonsense

) Hopefully, this means creators from companies big and small will now feel free to take Holmes in