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The 15 Best D&D Dice for Players with Class

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It is easy to fall in love with fantastical worlds filled with magical creatures and ridiculous adventures

I can spend hours pouring over books, both in the real world and in The House of

But that would be nothing compared to the days spent circling any gaming convention, trying to find

I may or may not be That Person who has backup dice when recovering from multiple Critical

However, if you are reading all this and are unsure what I am talking about, fellow Book

Alice has provided some simple steps on How to Create an Awesome D&D Character

My primary character is a Barbarian: Taklinn of Balderk, a female Dwarf Barbarian with a Warhammer named “

Blue Sandstone Gemstone DnD Dice Set from CrystalMaggie on Etsy ($61)

It works better for sleight-of-hand and a quick getaway when the charm fails

This set is super sexy, with just enough sparkle to gain attention

But not too pretty! It’s for the Bard to shine, not the dice

The liquid glitter core in these dice gives a celestial feel to these D&D dice

Is it any surprise for a cleric to want this power to rest in their hands?

Forest Dice Set with Real Mushrooms by OpiumNature on Etsy ($60)

Stay in touch with the powers of nature, held within the confines of your own forest dice

One of the original five D&D characters and the master of combat skills, the Fighter

And that touch of blood splatter? Simply a reminder of past work

The Monk is a master of martial arts, focused on the pursuit of physical and spiritual perfection

They should be small, inconsequential, and symbolise the balance of body and spirit

Thy dice are as pure as thy vows, blessed with faith and light

These dice are as weathered as you are, with an almost stone-like finish for the hardiest of

The Arcane Dice Set – Metal Hollow Dice from EmberDice on Etsy ($174)

They are scholars with the skill and expertise to manipulate the structures of reality

Hematite Dice Set with Chip Glyphic design from Level Up Dice ($95)

They use their smarts (and a touch of magic) to unlock extraordinary capabilities within objects

RPG Dripping Blood DnD Metal Dice Set from tingtingoneshoo on Etsy ($37)

The newest character class in the books, Blood Hunters are willing (and a little eager) to suffer

The Ducklings of Doom Box and Dice Set from TheWizardsVault on Etsy ($34)

They who weave the adventure and bring upon the rewards…and the pain

BEHOLD! The perfect D&D dice set for our beloved Dungeon Master! Complete with mini purple

Once you have the right D&D dice set to match your character, make sure to

My personal absolute fave is this wooden engraved box with a very sweet and neat magnetic closing

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