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And yet, I wonder: who am I to determine the best romance novels of 2022? Well, qualified or

So let me tell you a bit about my reading habits: I mostly read contemporary romance, and

No best of list can possibly cover all of the books that deserve placement, nor is there

Literary agent Nora finds herself working closely with editor Charlie on her client’s new book, while

The banter and longing between Nora and Charlie makes this book absolutely unputdownable, and I don’t

In this loose retelling of Beauty and the Beast, Isabelle is 25 and still an assistant, desperate to

Beau is supposed to be writing his memoir, but he’s been holed up in Santa Barbara

Their working relationship is charming and feels so real, as she coaxes his story out of him

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Kareena wants a love match, but the only way she can keep her late mother’s house

Prem is a heart doctor who doesn’t believe in love, but needs investors for his new

Fake dating is so common that it often feels silly or forced, but this book never felt

Then her editor leaves, and her replacement, Ben, gives Florence 24 hours to turn in the manuscript

But Florence’s father dies suddenly and she goes home, where she runs into the last ghost

(And I promise, they do end up together, as impossible as that seems

It includes the article she wrote the first time and an assortment of the internet speculation surrounding

Dahlia needs the prize money, and London wants to get out of their father’s control and

Their friendship blossoms after Dahlia gets off to a bad start on the show, falling flat on

Their mutual attraction proves unstoppable, but they have the teensy problem of being competitors, not to mention

Their attraction is instant, but they both swear there’s no love match

Meteorologist Ari and sports reporter Russell team up to get their bosses, weather legend Torrance and her

I love that both hero and heroine are Jewish, and Russell is fat and was a teen

The personal complications in this book just feel real, plus there’s a million weather puns

She begins dating and agrees to take a trip to the Caribbean with a guy who seems

Romance editor Lanie has the career opportunity of a lifetime: to work with legendary author Noa Callaway

Noa has writer’s block and Lanie has to help her through it…but there’s more

They both have some pressing life issues to get past if they want to be together

Instead, he finds himself pretending to still be Hudson’s boyfriend, at first for a family dinner

A handsome stranger gives her his jacket and she makes it home, only to find out that

the handsome stranger, is starting his own business and hires Franny to design his offices

When ER doctor Alexis drives off the road to avoid hitting an animal, she is rescued by

Amy is a lesbian working at a conservative bakery in 2012 Oklahoma, and she is fired after being

But Amy still can’t be herself out loud, and it’s putting a strain on her

Simone is happy to be a test cook for The Discerning Chef, writing about the best bread

When her boss demands that she pivot to video, and the kitchen manager is replaced by sunshine-y

But now he wants her to come on a trip with him and his new girlfriend, Summer,

In a world with magic, demigods, and zombies, Mercy is an undertaker and Hart is a marshal

Mercy is stretched thin with obligations, and Hart is lonely

So he pens a letter, addressed simply to “a friend,” and expects nothing in return

It’s not safe for real witches to make themselves known, but witchcore is all the rage

But the attractive librarian who lives there doesn’t approve of this plan

And there you have it! Twenty amazing romance novels from 2022

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