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The #1 Way to Succeed as an Online Writer Is

That’s what most writers accidentally think when they set out to write online (don’t worry,

Writer Isaiah McCall said “so much online writing makes me feel lukewarm

” I spend much of my time as a writer starving to find writing that makes me come

Why do I do this? Because great writing inspires me to do my best writing

Isaiah suggests we should avoid writing bland stuff as much as possible

He got on the gravy train of the “Every Bundle” that succeeded as a newsletter on Subst@

Nat says he felt bad about writing a popular article on Gary Vee called “No More Struggle

The article made him a lot of money and got read by 461,000 people

Instead, people read the article and hurled f-bombs at Gary Vee

The problem happened again when Nat wrote an article called “Yes, You Should Delete Facebook” which got

Just like Nat, I feel bad because these articles are contrarian and sometimes polarizing

They look danger right in the face and say “come get me punk

The comments section may snag a few filthy mofos looking to place their dirty laundry on the

99% of people will be fine with what you write or mature enough to click away if it’

Nat says if your self-talk is “ehhh maybe I shouldn’t write about that” you should 100% write

Artificial intelligence is now smart enough to write bland content full of platitudes and ideas that won’

Whenever I start to give a crap about what someone may think of my precious writing, I

I want to live, therefore I must write from the heart and block out all the noise

I’m surrounded by people who are good at it and earn 6 and 7 figures from it

In fact they’re going out of fashion, so pretty soon employers will have to beg someone

This easy-to-reach place is the nirvana of writing on the internet