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Technical Writing Is Nearer to Ghostwriting Than You Think

Exploring what technical writing and ghostwriting have in common helps improve the former by acquiring awareness of

Technical writing pieces are not “officially credited to another person as the author

Technical writers are not experts on the subject matter they write, implying they shape the content they

The subject matter experts usually have no interest in signing the piece of writing that brings their

Anyway, technical writing and ghostwriting share the context: in both cases, the one who owns the content

Delegation needs precise communication; this is even more true when delegating a task with a communication purpose,

Delegates are bridges between the source of the communication and its intended audience

As delegates, technical writers and ghostwriters need to research to deeply understand the source and audience of

You see: delegation requires embracing others’ standpoints; this is what happens when technical writers start their job

What added value do technical writers and ghostwriters bring to the table, considering that the content they

Meta content formally defines the question that the content answers

Meta content ensures that the question is relevant to the audience and meaningful for the source of

Focusing on the single question that makes effective the content for the audience is the endeavor of

As ghostwriting replicates a style to communicate on behalf of the content’s source, technical writing replicates

I suggest reading Improve Your Ghostwriting Skills With These 5 Simple Tips as it is concise and lists

If you are a technical writer, these points sound familiar, don’t they?

The connection mindset is paramount to writing well on other professionals’ behalf

The connection mindset is paramount to writing well on other professionals’ behalf

Like ghostwriters are the hidden ambassador of the source of their content