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Swing in for the Best Spider-Man Comics

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That may seem a little daunting for new fans wanting to read some of the best classics

Fortunately, we live in a digital age, and you can find many of these either online or

The “Spider-Mantle” has stretched and flexed during that time, introducing aliens, clones, and multiverse variants

Fortunately, we are now seeing more diversity in the creative teams, encouraged by the diversity in characters

When Peter discovers his newfound powers, he reacts like most teenagers (a reminder of his youth as

There is fame, success, and admiration from people who would never have looked twice at a nerdy

But that moment when Peter realises he has the power — nay, the responsibility to do something, you

This is the moment when you understand the true duality of Spider-Man/Peter Parker: not between his

The story stands out primarily for the iconic image of Spidey buried under broken machinery and rubble

From this moment, Spidey fans knew that nothing could ever defeat Spider-Man

Ditko’s art in displaying a beaten and broken Spider-Man is breathtaking

Spider-Man knows better than anyone that being a superhero is not all it’s cracked up to

Eventually, the weight of everything in life is just too much, and he has to walk away

“Spider-Man No More” is considered by many as being the how-to guide for when heroes quit

It even gave us the iconic scene of Spider-Man’s costume in the garbage can as Peter

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone did an amazing job portraying this in the movie The Amazing Spider-Man 2,

There are no villains, no great story arc, and no secrets unfolding

It’s a stand-alone issue; one may even consider it a “filler

Spider-Man swings in to visit his number one fan, a young boy who collects all things Spider-Man

Surprisingly, Spider-Man chooses to reveal his identity and point out that he took most of the photos

He doesn’t go revealing it to simply anybody (well, at least back then…)

Then the kicker is revealed: The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man lives in a centre for terminally ill

This issue rates as one of the best because it shows the heart of Spider-Man

They took a similar approach in the comic, with Spider-Man connecting and inspiring a young fan again

This amazing Kraven/Spider-Man story occurs over three separate cross-overs, and I am very grateful for it

In this story, Kraven finally achieves his goal of “killing” Spider-Man and then replacing him

The storytelling is so powerful; it calls directly to the soul of each character and leaves readers

The original run was way back in 1970, but the more recent editions in 2002 are treasures, especially with

I know devout fans hold the Venom stories as the greatest exploration of Spider-Man’s dark side

But something about that absolute hopeless despair is captured so deeply within the manga comics

Take a look at this cover: Yu’s eyes are so haunted and tormented

It’s almost like Spider-Man is not allowed to have happy endings

Rumour is we might see Supaidāman in the upcoming Into the Spider-Verse 2, but we will have

This is the first meeting of Peter Parker (Earth 616) and Miles Morales (Ultimate Universe)

Peter is the one misplaced in the Multiverse and comes face to face with his own mortality

Peter and Miles are very different as their own incarnations of the character, but this collection shows

The trigger for this madness is Morlun, a villain from Earth-001 who hunts all Spider-Totems — that mystical

He is one of the few who has successfully killed Spider-Man across various Earths, and this time

Fortunately, Spider-Man has his own Spider-Family, leading to a life-or-death battle across the Marvel multiverse

It’s full drama and high action all the way, but its true strength is bringing readers

But when it actually happens — when Spider-Man/Peter Parker dies — a little of your comic book innocence

Making this story in the Ultimate Universe does not soften the blow

Peter Parker is still the same nerdy teen weighed down with the same guilt for Uncle Ben

Personally, I think this one needs to be read at the same time as Death of Spider-Man:

It also introduces Miles Morales, who is a breath of fresh air and a brilliant return to

Doc Ock body-swapped with Peter Parker and was determined to prove he was the better hero

Risky and controversial, it was also ground-breaking as it reset the parameters of Spider-Man and redefined the

Until that moment, Octavius never understood the sacrifice of being Spider-Man: that connection with something greater in

And that moment when Osborn realises he ain’t fighting Octavius anymore? Worth every dollar you will

Shout out to Humberto Ramos, who was the primary artist for earlier issues in Superior Spider-Man, especially

Ramos was able to draw Spider-Man as Spider-Man while balancing it with a cartoonish touch of SpideyOck

“Goblin Nation” is my fave out of the series, but it is worth reading the entire catalogue

No, we’re not all going to start phwipping through New York City

But at no point in the comics do we ever forget that there is a person in

Peter struggles with the responsibility of being a superhero, but he does not shy away from it

Marko Flint/Sandman is facing his own mortality, and a life wasted fighting his nemesis, Spider-Man

Jonah Jameson that Flint is in hospital for his final moments, Peter chooses to take Flint to

The dialogue between Jameson and Peter afterwards calls to the very heart of Spider-Man’s responsibility: constantly

It’s exhausting enough with everyday decisions, but Spidey shows the extensive weight that sits on superheroes

There are still bits and pieces of Spider-Man’s mythos coming through, but the best part is

At the same time, it’s new, helped along by Garrón’s smooth drawing

If you’re looking to jump into Spider-Man for the first time, you can easily start with

It will honour everything you will ever know about Spider-Man in every shape, form, and costume

We can also help you untangle the web of Spider-Man movies here

Since his debut, Spider-Man remains in the top three coveted contracts for any creator on the team

With the wide variety built into the Spider-verse, it would be great to see more opportunities come

Please, no more Clones and never ever EVER revisit “One More Day