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It’s just that it takes a lot more to get me excited about them, and I’

And I’m not talking All This Could Be Different, Cantoras, or Detransition, Baby levels of queer

I’m talking a few queer characters! Or even a main queer character who’s one of

I’m talking queer love stories wrapped up in a lot of other exciting drama

Often the queer themes and characters aren’t mentioned in the publisher’s summary

Or because they aren’t just about queer people, they don’t show up on queer book

There’s something undeniably delightful about realizing I’ve stumbled on a queer book without meaning to

In this intergenerational saga about a Lebanese Syrian American family, three adult siblings convene in Beirut when

It’s got complicated family relationships, the legacies of war and migration, and what happens to stories

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It’s a kaleidoscopic story about Ruby, an Indigenous woman adopted by white parents, and her search

The whole story, which is about Tiny’s owl-baby and the struggles she faces from a world

Malaya is a fat Black girl growing up in Harlem in the 1980s and ’90s, surrounded by

It’s a painful, intimate, and ultimately celebratory book about one girl’s determination to claim space

What’s especially breathtaking is the way Sullivan writes about queerness as reprieve and refugee

I love books that delve into all the messiness of queer lives, but I also love books

February, the headmistress, is gay and trying to keep her marriage intact while dealing with an ailing

This book of interconnected stories follows two Taiwanese American friends, Fiona and Jane, from childhood through adulthood

They move in and out of each other’s lives as they each deal with family crises,

She sleeps with people of different genders and moves between labels, identifying differently at different times in

Gerald works at a small PR firm and things get…interesting, to say the least, when he

It’s written entirely in Slack messages, and there are a lot of unexplained phenomena

It’s a hilarious and scathing look at exploitative capitalism and office culture

Looking for more lowkey queer books? Check out these queer books without romances! Some of them are