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Summary and Review: The Power by Naomi Alderman

It results in revolts in countries where women have been oppressed, and in more women taking over

Meanwhile, opposition to the women mounts as well and various factions are vying for power

The book ends as a destructive world war is about to start, known as the Cataclysm

The epilogue takes place thousands of years later as the writer of this historical account defends his

The book follows a few characters, starting ten years before the final events of the novel

He’s gotten on the wrong side of a man referred to as Primrose, who sends some

Roxy isn’t able to save her mother, but she discovers she has the power to release

Later, Bernie comes up with a plan to attack Primrose with the help of Roxy, her half-brothers

In Lagos, Tunde is 21-year-old guy who records a girl zapping a man who is harassing her,

He eventually travels to Riyadh where a riot is brewing over girls’ uses of these powers

He arrives on the night of the big riot and gets his footage

Less than two weeks later, the King of Riyadh is dead and the government has collapsed

When Jocelyn demonstrates her power to Margot, and it causes the power to awaken within Margot

It is powered by a part of the body called a “skein” that lays across the collarbone

) As news of the riots around the world pour in, Margot hides her powers

The state governor, Daniel Dandon, fears these powers and decides to mandate testing for all governmental employees

In Alabama, Allie is a 16-year-old mixed-race girl who grew up in foster care

Today, the voice in Allie’s head tells her to fight back, and Allie uses her powers

She then runs away, eventually ending up at a convent near the ocean in South Carolina

Other girls who have been displaced from their homes due to their newly powers also arrive at

Because she’s wanted for murder, Allie lies about her name, going by the name “Eve” instead

She does this by using her own powers to create needle-like jolts to heal the girl

They start bringing other girls in need of healing to Allie and she is able to do

Allie tells the girls that their powers are from the “Holy Mother”, and soon the girls are

Margot claims that it will be safer for everyone if the girls know how to control their

Meanwhile, Tunde’s reporting has led him to Moldova, the sex-trafficking capital of the world

As women’s powers are awakened, they fight back and kill their captors

The Moldovan president is determined to quash the rebellion, but he’s soon found dead

Tatiana is appointed interim president, but a military coup ousts her

After Primrose is dealt with, Roxy goes to South Carolina to seek out “Mother Eve” after seeing

Allie senses that Roxy has the strongest powers of anyone she’s met and quickly befriends Roxy

Roxy uses her father’s contacts to set Allie up with fake passports and IDs

With Allie’s leadership and Roxy’s power, Allie’s organization soon outgrows the small convent

Six and Five Years prior, Tunde continues his journalistic work, venturing into dangerous areas and nearly getting

Meanwhile, Allie’s organization has continued to grow with churches popping up everywhere

Allie agrees to lend her support to Bessapara is in their war with Northern Moldova (which is

When she gets the news that her half-brother Ricky was attacked and raped by some girls, Roxy

Roxy recognizes one of the names as a man who was involved in the murder of her

Roxy and half-stepbrother Darrell track the man down, the man reveals that Bernie was the one who

Reluctant to kill her father, Roxy demands instead that he retire and let everyone know that he’

Margot lies to Jocelyn by saying that Ryan is secretly a men’s rights extremist, and Jocelyn

There’s an attack one night and Jocelyn is peer pressured into killing one of the attackers

The NorthStar staff agree to cover up the killing, saying that she had no choice

One Year prior, Margot, Jocelyn, Tunde, Roxy and Allie all go to the castle in Bessapara for

In exchange, Bessapara will hire NorthStar soldiers (which is beneficial to Margot both financially and politically due

They strap her down and surgically remove her skein, to be transplanted in Darrell

She manages to escape, but not before they’ve ripped out her skein, leaving her powerless

Tunde is warned that journalists are being kicked out of Bessapara soon, and Peter begs Tunde to

In the lead-up to the Cataclysm (“Here we go“), in Bessapara, Allie uses her powers to manipulate

Near the border, Darrell takes over the Glitter business in Roxy’s absence

When Jocelyn (now a NorthStar solider) comes across his warehouse, he fights her with his new powers,

However, he is then immediately attacked and killed by the women at the warehouse who are loyal

President that it’s necessary to make a show of force and make it clear that the

Roxy negotiates for Tunde’s release and the two go to a refugee camp

When the refugee camp is attacked, Tunde helps the two of them to escape

The two sleep together, and Roxy makes arrangements to sneak Tunde out of the country

Montgomery-Taylor, who talks about how she was the one who turned Allie into the woman she is

Allie realizes that her idea that men are inherently bad and women are good is false

The historical record ends with Allie, Margot, the extremists and the Saudi Arabians (who have been fighting

(Meanwhile, Roxy goes home to where her underground bunker is after successfully saving Tunde

Following the end of the historical record, there are a series of letter written thousands of years