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Summary and Review: The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley

The two-paragraph version: Jess arrives to stay with her half-brother Ben at his apartment in Paris, but

Ben was investigating and was found out by Jacques (the father)

Jacques attacked Ben, but Jacques was stopped and stabbed by Mimi (the daughter who was infatuated with

Jess finds Ben nearly dead and being kept in the old maids' chambers

Ben's half-sister Jess, who recently lost her job, shows up shortly afterwards to stay with him and

On the Penthouse floor, Sophie Meunier is an older woman whose husband is Jacques Meunier

On the 4th floor, are two young female roommates, Mimi and Camille

And on the 1st floor is a couple with an unhappy marriage, Dominique and Antoine

On Saturday, Sophie rips up the most recent blackmail letter she has received

Jess finds a hidden secondary stairwell in the building that leads up to the old Maid's Quarters

She also explores the building's basement, which houses an extensive wine cellar

Nick helps let Jess out when the cellar door gets jammed, shutting her inside

Theo says that Ben was supposed to pitch a story to him that morning, but he hasn't

When Jess says Ben in nowhere to be found, the woman runs off before Jess can find

Back at the apartment, Jess find Ben's notes about something called Le Petite Mort (meaning "little deaths")

However, when Jess goes to sleep, someone breaks in and takes the notebook containing the notes

On Sunday, Nick helps Jess report Ben as an official missing person to Commissaire Blanchot from the

Jess also gets invited into the Penthouse apartment and she finds a Russian passport belonging to Sophie

She then sees a photograph that makes her realize that the various residents of the building are

Sophie and Jacques are the parents of Antoine, Nick and Mimi

Jacques inherited a wine estate, the Ch√Ęteau Blondin-Lavigne, when his first wife became ill and passed

On Monday, Nick thinks about the time he and Ben were in Amsterdam and he had kissed

Theo soon calls to tell Jess that he's figured out what the metal card is from Ben's

They go to an exclusive club, and Theo explains that the card is used to get access

Young, trafficked girls are paraded around the club and clients order "wines" so their spending seems legitimate

Back at the building, Sophie reminisces about how she'd been having an affair with Ben

She also thinks about how Mimi is actually her adopted child, since she was desperate to have

(We learn that the Concierge admitted to Ben that Mimi is actually her granddaughter, and Mimi's mother

He found out that Sophie was once one of the girls from the family's club, something that

When Jess returns to the building, she's accosted by Nick and Antoine who know about the research

When Antoine comes at her, Jess stabs him and runs up the stairs into the Maid Quarters

We then learn that on the day of Ben's disappearance, Jacques had confronted Ben about his investigation

Sophie told Nick, Antoine and the Concierge that the dead body belonged to Ben (who she said

Sophie then secretly took Ben (injured, but alive) to the Maid's Quarters to hide him there

In present day, Jess convinces Sophie to let her take Ben to get medical assistance

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