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Summary and Review: The Man Who Died Twice by

It’s eventually revealed that he stole them with help from Sue, his contact at MI5 who

(This book picks up very soon after the previous novel ends with the same main characters — Elizabeth,

Elizabeth shows up at the proposed and finds her ex-husband Douglas, there

He’s still active in MI5, and he’s accompanied by his handler, Penny, who is young

Officers Donna and Chris determine that the perpetrator is Ryan Baird, a local teenager who works with

Douglas wants Elizabeth’s help in keeping a look-out for possible threats

Elizabeth agrees to help in exchange for information on Ryan Baird, and Poppy soon gives her the

Soon after, an intruder tries to shoot Douglas, but Poppy kills the intruder

When Douglas and Poppy are taken to be questioned by Sue and Lance, Joyce finds a note

Meanwhile, Elizabeth has a plan regarding Ryan and asks her friend Bogdan to acquire come cocaine

Ron then goes to Ryan’s house, pretending to be a plumber sent by the housing association

He plants the cocaine and Ibrahim’s credit card in Ryan’s toilet and then “anonymously” calls

Also, Douglas and Poppy have been relocated to a nearby town

However, when Elizabeth and Joyce arrive, they find Douglas and Poppy are both dead, having both been

In Part II, Elizabeth and Joyce are questioned about the discovery of the bodies

Sue gives Elizabeth a locket inscribed with her name that they found on Douglas’s body

He was holding them (as the middle-man) for a deal between some American mafia guys and some

Lomax admits to sending Andrew to scare (but not kill) Douglas, but he insists he wasn’t

(American mafia guy who owns the diamonds) is on headed to Fairhaven, likely for the purpose of

Later, Elizabeth recalls that Douglas had pointed out a hole in a tree, which he’d commented

It says that the diamonds were hidden in Locker 531 at the Fairhaven train station

If they’re gone, it likely means he somehow faked his death and escaped with the diamonds

Meanwhile, Chris and Donna have continued to investigate Connie Johnson

Chris has also continued seeing Donna’s mother Patrice (who he met towards the end of Book #1)

Additionally, Ryan failed to show up for his court date and is nowhere to be found

Elizabeth uses an infra-red light on the bag, and it reveals a hidden message

It says that this is an extra layer of security, that the diamonds are elsewhere and that

Elizabeth also asks Donna to procure the CCTV footage to see if anyone else has visited the

She figures out that those were hints that Locker 531 was meant to be inversed — and that the

Elizabeth theorizes that if Siobhan was the one visiting the locker, then Poppy must’ve found out

Poppy could’ve overheard Douglas telling Elizabeth the truth (that he stole them) and then killed him

She plans a meeting with Martin Lomax at the pier saying she’ll give him the diamonds

(Her plan is to force Poppy to come out into the open when Poppy realizes the diamonds

So, they tell Connie to bring Ryan Baird with her to drive her to meeting (claiming that

(The idea is that by involving Connie and Ryan, it’ll implicate them in an illicit deal,

When the big meeting arrives, Frank, Martin and Connie meet up (with Bogdan and Lance in the

She then tries to leave, but is promptly arrested by Chris and Donna (who were waiting outside)

After Poppy failed to appear, Elizabeth figured out that things were less complicated than they seemed and

Instead, Elizabeth realizes that Sue must’ve been the one to put the note in Joyce’s

Sue purposely wanted them to think “Siobhan” was Poppy’s mother (to set them on a false

Poppy later overheard Douglas telling Elizabeth about the diamonds and hinting at the dead-letter drop

Sue read the letter and realized that Douglas planned to betray her, so she told Martin where

When the guy Martin sent failed to kill Douglas, Sue did the job herself and shot Douglas (

In present day, Sue tells Elizabeth that she has three armed dudes working for her and they’

(It’s soon revealed that Bogdan incapacitated the three armed dudes and told them to tell Sue

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