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Summary and Review: Book Lovers by Emily Henry

Book review and synopsis for Book Lovers by Emily Henry, a will-they-or-won't-they romance between a cutthroat literary

Nora Stephens is a cutthroat literary agent in New York whose younger sister, Libby, convinces her to

Nora and Libby were raised by a single mother, who passed away when Libby was in high

Nora has spent her whole adulthood making sacrifices for Libby's sake to help provide for Libby

He's also running the local bookstore, which his parents own, in order to help them out

As they work together, Charlie helps Nora to be considered for an editor position, which is the

Nora and Charlie fall for each other, but it turns out the Charlie is planning on staying

Meanwhile, Libby reveals to Nora that she's actually planning on moving to Sunshine Falls, and the trip

However, a few months later Charlie reveals that Libby has offered to take over running the bookstore

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Book Lovers is Emily Henry’s newest bookish summer beach read, and it delivers on everything it

Summery, romantic, fun, and with endearingly bookish characters — there’s a lot to like about Henry’s

There, she repeatedly has run-ins with Charlie Lastra, a book editor she knows from New York, who

It’s exactly what you’d expect from reading the description of it, and it doesn’t

If you’re looking for a fun, summer read with book-loving characters in it, Book Lovers is

I had a good time reading it, and it was the perfect fit for getting into those