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Substack Is Deceiving Writers: What Is It Actually Good

Substack won’t make you rich quickly nor expand your audience for you

It seems the next big thing to quickly start your content business without technical obstacles, magically build

In the last 10+ years, I’ve used most major email marketing platforms (Mailchimp, Active Campaign, ConvertKit, and

I also started a Substack newsletter… then moved to another tool

If you make it to the end (please do!), you’ll be finally better equipped to choose

The chat and recommendation features seem two promising steps in the direction of making substack the ultimate

There are some early reports on the effectiveness of the recommendation engine

Only time will reveal the true potential of these two features

They dream of an all-in-one solution taking care of everything, so they can just write

Google is becoming more and more competitive, especially in the most profitable niches

But writing content then ranks well is still a viable option to attract qualified traffic and monetize

If you are scared by its complexity, you may get good results from Squarespace and other site

But there’s an issue: the typical newsletter content doesn’t lend well to SEO

But many newsletter writers don’t want to write such long emails

Finally, many newsletter readers stay subscribed because they like the opinions and tone of voice of the

You are lucky if you see results in less than a year of at least weekly publishing

Platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Medium have these traits in common:

But they are available only on the site, while most of your subscribers will consume your content

The new recommendation engine promises the same benefits as the recommendation algorithms we know

New subscribers to their newsletters see those recommendations soon after signing up

Or if it was recommended by a trusted author, not one I just subscribed to

I’ve used MailChimp, ConvertKit, Active Campaign, Mailerlite, Getresponse, Sendfox… Substack covers just one percent of their

If you are serious about your content business, you need an email list

So, again, if you are serious about your content business and you want to use Substack, you

The juiciest Substack success stories aren’t telling the whole truth

The same happened to writers who brought their social media audience to Substack

They already amassed tens, hundreds of thousands of followers by publishing consistently

If you just open a Substack account and start publishing your newsletter, don’t expect growth

You need to publish your newsletter AND build your following at the same time

Only after collecting thousands of them, probably more than 10000, word of mouth and Substack recommendations may start

Substack probably is the best plug-and-play solution to start writing and publishing your newsletter

If there’s enough interest, I can write a tutorial about that

But you don’t have to pay 10% of your earnings, as with Substack

I started from zero here on Medium (in a foreign language) just a few months ago

I know growth on a new platform starts and stays slow for months

But at night, with my eyes burning and my back aching, I sometimes click on crafty headlines

They hope to find THE secret path to blazing growth, stardom, and 4-hour workweeks

As you read above, you still have to do the hard work of attracting your audience

Then, you still have to figure out what to offer to your paid subscribers, the pricing, and

I promised to help you waste less time thinking about Substack

It provides all the necessary email marketing features for free

Create a landing page in Mailerlite and convert your readers into subscribers

If you need more help on these topics, ask your questions in the replies