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Stop Using These Clichés To Make Your Writing

After many years of writing in a technical style at work, I thought writing online would be

I started analyzing my articles, looking for patterns and bad habits

My writing was stuffed with repeated and overused clichés and it was hurting my views and

What’s bad about clichés? They make you sound lazy, boring, and make your writing bland

For example, if you are trying to explain something that your readers know nothing about

There are thousands of these rhetorical tics we call clichés

Today, I’m only writing about the most boring ones I found by analyzing my writing over

Is there a simple alternative like “everywhere” or “worldwide” that conveys the same meaning? Is there a

This applies to personal as well as business or scientific writing

Ew! I mean, if you’re talking about creativity, can’t you come up with something else?

If you are stuck, you could try another metaphor that’s already there and just adapt it

Maybe try igniting your creative flames, or jump-start your creative machine, etc

But in this case, I’d just stay away from the whole juice thing

We both know you just skip these phrases whenever your mind notices them

If your writing is no different from what is being produced in every other blog, your reader

They will leave feeling disappointed, bored, and haven´t learned anything

I’d personally leave this one for those dull corporate emails you have to write