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Start the New Year Off Right With These Writing

These resolutions will help you kick off a year full of great writing

Writers, too, can benefit from committing to change in the upcoming year

Your resolutions will depend on your personal goals and needs

Do you want to write a book? Do you want to start a blog? Are you hoping

For many writers, finding the time to write can be a big issue

Even five to ten minutes can be enough time to get your thoughts on paper

But the more time you can invest, the more your writing skills will improve

If you can only write for five minutes, make sure you’re writing for five minutes every

How important is writing to you? What are you willing to give up to have more writing

Or try switching out your Netflix binge time with a writing session

But establishing a writing routine now makes it harder to give in to excuses later

But writing about the same things every day can wear you down, especially at the end of

On Medium, writers are encouraged to niche down into a very specific topic

And once writing becomes boring, it’s all too easy to give up on it

An easy way to shake things up is to explore the many topics Medium has to offer

There are currently 73 topics on Medium that allow writers to achieve a Top Writer status

If you’re tired of your familiar topics, try experimenting with a topic you’ve never written

Non-fiction writers can resolve to research and write about new subjects, too

Adding something new to your routine might be just the thing you need to fall in love

Most of your writing time is spent alone in front of a computer screen, after all

On Medium, you can support writers through claps and meaningful comments

Twitter, Discord, and Substack are just a few places where writers can build communities

Being in a room with other writers can help you be more productive

Of course, you should be socializing with your readers as well

Even just replying to all your Medium comments can be a good resolution

Investing in a new laptop or tablet is definitely an option to consider

But you don’t need to make a big purchase to upgrade your writing essentials

Could you use a more comfortable chair? A lamp? Are you running out of sticky notes? Do

If you like using Grammarly, for instance, you may benefit from paying for the full version

Though you can invest money into upgrading your writing tools, there are many improvements you can make

Simply cleaning and organizing your writing space can make a world of difference

So don’t think you can’t have good writing tools without spending a ton of money

Whether you want to write more often or connect with more writers, there are many positive changes

But hopefully this list inspires you to write down a few resolutions of your own