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Spine-Chilling Horror for Middle Schoolers

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This includes younger readers who have a growing love for horror and want to explore dark tales

Additionally, reading horror written for kids can help pave the way for enjoying the genre as adults,

Start out with some creepy stories, and then move on to tales of haunted houses and ghostly

The 13 stories in this book take simple everyday objects and situations and turn them into something sinister

Coleman’s work adds delightfully creepy illustrations to each story

Middle grade readers who love a good haunted house story will want to read this! When their

When a storm cuts them off from outside communication, Tara and Kyle must reckon with their increasingly

At first, the pelesit, who Suraya names Pink, is a faithful friend

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Shelly and her grandmother, like all the women in her family, have the power to help souls

But when Shelly’s mother dies, she begins hoarding spirits instead of releasing them, all while waiting

Driftwood is a rainy, New England fishing village with a mysterious group of seemingly perfect kids known

Ever since the tragic death of a classmate, Paola and her friends have been told the same

Paola, a budding scientist, decides to try and prove that her mom’s story isn’t real,

Set in the 17th century, this book is the perfect choice for middle graders interested in tales

Unfortunately for her, her mother made her promise to look after Dill, Evey’s little sister, and

Evie Von Rathe lives in Blight Harbor, known as the seventh most haunted town in America

There, she helps her Aunt Desdemona with her work as the local paranormal expert and is careful

However, Desdemona disappears into the slaughterhouse one day, and Evie, despite her fear of the creatures within