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Signs A Writing Contest Or Book Award Is A

Recently a client of mine reached out about an email they received where they were contacted about

They then went on to say that upon submitting their book they would be given one free

Farther down in the email they sited that they have a huge reach and that winners can

Let’s break down some common writing awards and contest scams, as well as the key identifiers

There are very few scams under the sun, and it is highly unlikely that you will be

Don’t trust the contest’s or award giver's website despite how official or allotted it might

To max out the profits of a scam, likely the owners will reach out asking you to

Many times this will come in an unsolicited email or even a DM to your social media

To have the broadest appeal as well as give you the chance to apply to as many

$50–$100 to enter into an awards category or submit to a contest is a way that these profiteers

Compound this with red flag number 2, and you could be spending hundreds of dollars on one book

Don’t be fooled by “early bird specials” and other discounts

The final red flag is often one that doesn’t exactly come to mind

However, most awards ceremonies will display their panel judges

Next time you see an awards solicitation/ad, if there isn’t a panel, it could be

Despite all this, a book award or writing contest can be legit but still give off some

It is tricky to navigate and figure out which of these organizations are reputable

Have you ever come across a writing contest or awards scam? What are some other red flags