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Should Goodreads Allow Reviews of a Book Before It’

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Although it’s undeniably essential in bolstering discoverability, the platform may open doors to scams and abuses

Several authors received an anonymous email pressuring them to pay up, lest the listings of their forthcoming

Currently, Goodreads allows pre-publication reviews and/or ratings for books that aren’t even released yet

But at the same time, most publishers hand out Advance Reader Copies or ARCs to bloggers and

This feature, however, can encourage scam artists to extort money out of authors, as with the case

That being so, allowing Goodreads users to be able to review books before they’re published appears

I asked people from the book world — authors, publishing professionals, reviewers, readers, etc

This can generally be considered industry standard,” she says

If something isn’t clicking, then we have time to adjust/pivot prior to the book’s

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Meanwhile, Chelsea Rae, an avid reader, writer, and Goodreads user, thinks that it’s “problematic” that users

She says that this is “problematic” because when no one trusts ratings, authors — especially lesser-known ones — bear

“People want personal recommendations for books now so they don’t waste their time

“Reviews of ARCs allow for greater publicity and visibility for the author which can help generate more

GIF-filled reviews don’t seem to be relevant or show that a book has been read

” She adds that Goodreads is basically the Quora of book reviews now: “You get a lot of

I do think for Goodreads, there should be the same guidelines UNLESS they adapt something like Amazon

” He adds that the early Goodreads reviews can be confusing to readers and even discourage some who

Bellicosa, it’s an easy rule that reviewers do not review a book on Goodreads until they’

Meanwhile, for Oberon, the founder of lifestyle website Very Informed, Goodreads users should be able to review

“The primary focus should be on giving readers the information they need to make informed decisions about

[It] gives them a chance to provide feedback that can be helpful to the author and publisher…”

“A negative review can alert potential readers to problems with a book that they might not be

Since everyone has varying opinions about the matter, what would likely be the best course of action?

They should also have a system to verify if a reader is qualified to do such

I hate to sound like a gatekeeper, too, but it’s unfair to leave a review to

What this does is undermine the credibility of the review system — when readers browse the reviews, they

Goodreads, being the big fish here, should lead initiatives to improve its products

Different readers have different opinions whether Goodreads should allow pre-publication reviews

Likewise, professionals from the publishing industry also have other sentiments since they use the platform another way

Authors and publishers use it as a promotional tool, and limiting who can review will likely hurt

It might backfire if the author writes something that readers don’t like, leading to scathing reviews