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It makes sense: science fiction and fantasy are, like all literary genres, modes with their own histories,

If an author is successful working within any genre, it makes sense that they might choose to

Plus, SFF fans are — for better or worse — super invested in their favorite authors and the worlds

A 2015 article in Wired Magazine proclaimed in its title: “At Long Last, Sci-Fi and Fantasy Have Infiltrated

That could be the result of the publishing industry’s increased willingness to publish works of SFF

It could also be what happens when writers feel they’ll still be taken seriously if they

Most likely, it’s a combination of these (and other) dynamics

When a Pulitzer Prize–winning writer like Colson Whitehead publishes literary fiction in the same breath as

This list is a celebration of recent works of SFF written by writers who don’t usually

Regardless of how you came to Erdrich, it may surprise you that she’s written a sci-fi

It was already a relevant book that asked crucial questions about bodily (and Indigenous) sovereignty, but after

For everyone who grew up during the heyday of CYOA books, this is a double win

Amazing! Citadel of Whispers centers on a young Whisperer named Krishi

As Krishi, the reader is simply attending school to learn the ropes as a Whisperer, but when

Suddenly the reader is faced with decisions that have tremendous consequences for the land of Elaria

Chang-rae Lee is best known for his poignant literary realism in works such as A Gesture Life

Class divisions are extreme, mechanisms of control are rigidly enforced, and the landscape is starkly divided into

Within this context, when Fan absconds from B-Mor in search of the man she loves, all bets

As the narrative unfolds, it retains Lee’s signature storytelling style even as Fan’s journey takes

Adam Silvera is best know for his YA dramatic fiction, although his book More Happy Than Not

Book 1, Infinity Son, is set in an alternate New York City and centers on brothers Emil and

They may live in a world full of magic, but until they find themselves the targets of

Infinity Reaper picks up where the first book left off, following the same characters as Brighton’s

This isn’t her first foray into SFF, but it’s her most recent and notable

The series follows Breen Kelly as she returns to the magical world called Talamh from, of all

Breen has magick and a limited amount of time in which to hone her skills

Maybe it helps that she has an attractive fey to help her do this

David Yoon is an interesting one: he worked in tech for a while until he got a

(For the record, I think it would pair wonderfully with Dave Eggers’s The Circle

) The novel follows Max and two of his closest friends (one of whom he’d love to

Max was a starry-eyed young employee at one of the biggest social media firms in the world…

Katherine Locke typically produces books for young people, whether children’s picture books or YA novels

While This Rebel Heart engages with Jewish history — specifically, the Holocaust — it’s set over a decade

It follows young Csilla as she escapes the Hungarian secret police and is thrown into a dangerous

Locke manages to ground This Rebel Heart in actual history even as it embarks on a highly