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Setting For People Who Hate Writing Setting

Setting is an element of writing that has always been bit of a consideration in the aftermath

It’s like I write the story with the setting as a green screen that I’ll

There are many works I’ve read where the setting comes to life

Some writers are even able to make a setting into a character in and of itself

So sometimes writers can unconsciously neglect the other senses when writing

The cloying sweetness of potpourri at your great-grandmother’s house

They say that scent is one of the senses most connected to memory

Especially because evoking scent is an advantage prose writers have over visual mediums

It can be felt through the prickle of thorn bushes, the soft grass, and the sand between

Think of all the background noises that surround you at any given part of your day

Of course, this can be food or drink a character tastes that help represents a place

Sometimes you taste things accidentally — saltwater in the ocean

Taste may be a rarer one to pop up in developing a setting, but there’s no

However, I think the concept of worldbuilding can be applied to realistic fiction set in modern times

In every story, whether portal fantasy or slice-of-life, you are building a story world for the reader

As a character-focused writer, this is a great “in” into the writing of the setting

The descriptions of Jay Gatsby’s house in The Great Gatsby add to the theme and commentary

You can use your setting as a tool for the mood of your piece

This is similar to a theme, as discussed above, but instead of trying to deliver an idea,

You can manipulate settings to help create the feeling of the piece in terms of genre and

You can add, highlight, or exaggerate things that support the mood you are trying to create

Look, the way you decorate and describe a cabin in the woods in a romantic comedy is

The sun-kissed light through the dappled leaves versus the overcast day

The light breeze that drifts through the windows versus the icy draft that sneaks under the door

It can be interpreted and described to create a certain effect and feel

Hopefully, this will make writing setting more interesting and engaging for you to write, and more interesting