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Second Chance Dance—A Must Read Romance

Before he can find his footing in Mayfair, he’s made an unexpected enemy of me

I’m determined to avoid marriage, but perhaps an arrangement with the handsome earl is not out

Just when the future seems brightest, secrets and surprises threaten everything we’ve built

And I need to decide if I’m willing to risk more than just my heart for

Second Chance Dance is a full length historical romance filled with charm and wit, and a guaranteed

Second Chance Dance by Laney Hatcher is her fourth book she’s released this year

It can safely be said that not only has Laney Hatcher proven herself as a breakout author—

After swooning for her debut release earlier this spring, Second Chance Dance has cemented Laney Hatcher as

Second Chance Dance is her latest standalone, and follows Patricia, Duchess of Cawthorn, and Miles, Earl of

Readers will be familiar with Patricia from First to Fall as she is Emery’s older sister

After a surprising meet cute goes awry, Patricia is determined to believe that Miles is as much

When Miles and Patty finally come to an arrangement, their feelings begin to grow in ways that

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it a million more times: having mature talks

If readers are expected to believe that the characters are adults, then they should address their problems

There is so much to love about Second Chance Dance, and there is so much jam-packed into

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