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Science Fiction and Fantasy to Hunker Down With This

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Maybe it’s just me, but wintertime is the perfect season for indulging in some impressively lengthy

There’s something luxurious about the sprawling narratives full of magic, wonder, and adventure

Perhaps it has something to do with the long, dark nights and the relief they bring from

Whatever the reason, winter is a great season to grab a chonky work of SFF, a glass

I went for the longest, heaviest, most intimidatingly long books I could find

Because, you know: winter is looooooong, y’all! I’ve broken the list into two parts: one

Whatever you’re in the mood for, I hope you find it on this list

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This delectable volume follows the orphaned Robin Swift from his birthplace in Canton to London

It’s 1829 and this London is similar to ours except that Oxford’s Royal Institute of Translation (

The wealth and power of the British Empire comes from the magical silver bars composed of meanings

After all, in the 1800s, the sun hadn’t yet set on the British Empire so colonization

” So begins Simon Jimenez’s wild fantasy epic in the second person

The book switches between first, second, and third person narration in a really innovative way; right from

It’s the story of the wronged Moon goddess, the sons she cursed the last emperor with (

And wouldn’t you know it, there’s at least one love story in the mix

Seventeen-year-old Charlie Reade had a hard childhood, so when he befriends Radar, his elderly neighbor’s dog,

And he’s definitely not expecting to discover that the shed out back is a Narnia-esque portal

The ensuing adventures are perilous and creepy in that classic King way

You know King can do evil on a grand scale, so bring your brave face with you

It’s not quite 350 pages long, so if you’re a little short on time but still

It’s set 30 years in the future when space colonies are a thing and the Earth’s

The landscape is bleak and populated by a hodgepodge mixture of scavengers, outcasts, and misfits

The Stardust Thief is the first book of the Sandsea Trilogy, which makes it a great place

As if that wasn’t recipe enough for a whole winter’s worth of fantasies, there’s

You may have guessed this, but these characters have their fair share of secrets they’re trying

Their journey will keep you on the edge of your seat, so don’t forget your lap

The World We Make catches up with New York City’s newly minted avatars as they navigate

I don’t know how long we’ll have to wait for the next book, but Jemisin’

Weighing in at over 1000 pages collectively, Daughter of the Moon Goddess and Heart of the Sun Warrior

It begins when the Moon Goddess’s daughter, Xingyin, angers the Celestial Emperor

The power struggles and politics that ensue complicate Xingyin’s newfound friendship and unearth a host of

As you might guess, Speaking Bones — the fourth and final book of Ken Liu’s epic Dandelion

In case you’re curious about why so many of these books delve into power dynamics, you