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Sci-Fi Story Ideas and Writing Prompts

Are you excited to write a science fiction story but unsure what to write about? Using a

You can start with the categories that you’re most excited about, or read through all of

This article has 80+ science fiction story ideas that you can use for your next novel, screenplay, or

The alien subgenre is a classic in science fiction literature

Biopunk is a subgenre that grapples with the implications of biotechnology

If you like critiquing the state of our society or political system, dystopian world building is a

This subgenre lets you interrogate the dark side of government control and the erasure of individual autonomy

Many science fiction stories imagine new types of futuristic technology that might change the way we interact

Robots and artificial intelligence are another classic science fiction subgenre

Science fantasy lives at the intersection of science fiction and fantasy

Who says stories based in science can’t have a little magic too?

Space opera stories are adventures set in outer space, full of action, drama, and romance

Time travel is an exciting element of science fiction! If you’re a history buff, you might

You still need to decide how you’re going to put your own unique twist on the

Most of these science fiction ideas have been used many times before, but that doesn’t mean

and Lilo and Stitch are two movies that could conceivably have originated from the same prompt—“a

You can consider combining a prompt with an idea for a character or setting, or even with

When you let two ideas collide, new and exciting possibilities can arise

“Write what you know” is a great adage that applies even to science fiction

That’s how you create an original, authentic story that resonates with readers

If you’re a high schooler, perhaps you can write about a high school student discovering time

An interesting premise is important, but there are other skills you need in order to flesh out

Craft elements like character development and world building are still crucial for creating a good story

Writing doesn’t have to be a solitary activity! It can be fun to write the same

If you’re excited to try some of these prompts and meet other sci-fi writers, don’t

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