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Sapling vs Grammarly: Which Is Best?

An editing tool can help customer-facing teams communicate clearly, efficiently, and politely

Let’s take a closer look at each of these two apps to determine which is the

Sapling is an AI writing assistant specifically designed with customer support in mind

Like most grammar checker apps on the market, Sapling will check all your customer communication for spelling

Sapling has text snippets and autocomplete features to speed up your team’s communication times

The autocomplete feature learns the more you use it and will make suggestions to improve consistency in

Does your business use live chat? The enterprise version of Sapling supports live chat systems so every

You can collect various metrics about your customer communication

Because Sapling is so focused on interactions with customers, there are several things it lacks

Sapling’s writing assistant also won’t help much with your other business writing

It’s not designed to help with inter-team communication, business reports, non-sales or non-support emails, copy, or

Sapling has a decent limited version, but you can only save 20 snippets, and there’s no team

But for any larger teams, you’ll need to get an enterprise pricing quote

Grammarly is a well-known grammar checking tool, and they have a business option, too

Grammarly Business combines the grammar checker with features similar to Sapling

The grammar checker with Grammarly Business does offer more robust suggestions than Sapling, like style suggestions and

The tone check feature goes a step further for Grammarly Business users

Standardize communication even more with a custom style guide

Grammarly Business also comes with a text snippets feature, so you can quickly add commonly used information

There’s a team analytics dashboard to collect data about customer communication

The pricing structure of Grammarly Business is beneficial for companies that have more than one employee but

So, which app is better: Grammarly Business or Sapling? It really depends on your business needs

Sapling claims that an independent study proved they find up to 60% more spelling and grammar mistakes than

On the other hand, Grammarly offers more style suggestions than Sapling to improve clarity

If you’re looking for a solution to improve all business communications, the clear winner is Grammarly

However, if you need great customer service analytics and potential support communication issues for managers to be

Go for Sapling if your support team’s general writing skills are fairly strong

Both apps offer text snippets for canned responses, but Sapling’s autocomplete feature can be a huge

ProWritingAid is a writing tool that does more than just offer suggestions

ProWritingAid checks for grammar, spelling, and style suggestions

But we’ll go a step further and offer advanced suggestions for the exact type of document

Choose from documents like general emails, sales emails, reports, case studies, job descriptions, and more

ProWritingAid also has a snippets tool and allows you to set up a custom style guide

This allows you to have excellent written communication on company messaging platforms, word processors, or anywhere else

ProWritingAid is even HIPAA-compliant for healthcare agencies

But the best part is you get all that and more for cheaper than either Sapling or

For larger organizations, you can also purchase an Enterprise license