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Recent Adult Books with Reality TV Elements

Books with reality TV elements are a huge sub-genre! There are reality TV romcoms, YA reality TV

For example, Hunger Games features a society rallying around the televising of young adults murdering each other

Others are set in space, feature impossible challenges, and raise the stakes because of it

Without the limitations of reality (or perceived reality anyway), the drama is heightened, the betrayal all the

And the sub-genre is still going strong as new novels with reality TV aspects continue to be

In an effort to keep the public entertained, the Metagalactic Grand Prix was created

Competitors face off in a competition to sing, dance, and entertain in whatever way they can

When humankind is forced to join in, Decibel Jones and the Absolute Zeroes are chosen to represent

The last four contestants on a dating reality TV competition called The Catch travel to an island

Will any of the contestants make it out alive or will Patricia come for them all?

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Twelve people sign up for a mysterious reality TV show set in the wilderness that promises to

When Ashna is asked to join Cooking with the Stars, she jumps at the chance to save

Too bad their every meeting goes viral as the public becomes obsessed with their chemistry

Is this a second chance at love or proof they were never meant to be?

Reena’s parents aren’t exactly sneaky about moving her father’s new employee, Nadim, in across

But when the chance to enter a couples-only cooking competition comes up, Reena knows just the guy

To stave off financial troubles, international horror movie star Clarissa Lee agrees to participate in a unique

When she arrives at the grounds of a summer camp, though, it seems the immersive part of

She and the other celebrities must fight to the death to make it out alive

But the judges want the last challenge to involve her significant other, which is not really possible

But as their pretend relationship brings up real feelings, Kenya and Cam’s friendship and her chance

Under the guise of a hide-and-seek reality TV competition, 14 young adults are driven to a secret location

But when people begin disappearing and the crew of the supposed show dodge every question, Mack begins