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If I listed all the reasons it would probably just exhaust us more

Let’s just say we’ve been through a global crisis, our culture rewards constant output, and

Below I’ve gathered some tips to help if you’re looking to reclaim a reading habit

Figure out why you want to read through burnout, and you’ll be one step closer to

One of my favorite ways to beat reading burnout is to reread a favorite book

Some people cannot tolerate rereading, but it’s a huge part of my reading life

It might be something about already knowing what is going to happen, so I can just enjoy

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I’m trying not to let my librarian heart panic, because this ebb and flow is extremely

This is a great reading hack because you can listen in the car, while doing chores, or

While reading is often solitary, I love reading audiobooks with my family and speculating on plot points

If you tend to stick to one type of reading, trying something new can be a great

Between that personal interest and the reading I do for my work as an elementary librarian, I

After my most recent bout of reluctance around reading, I started reading romance novels

This new genre completely upped my chances of picking up a book

One of the biggest tips from that arena is a concept called habit stacking (a term coined

In a nutshell, you add the habit of reading to a routine you already do without thinking

I use habit stacking to stretch while my coffee brews, but you might choose to read an

Small and achievable is a best practice when you’re habit stacking, and once you have something

If burnout is keeping you from your reading habit, don’t fear