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Queer Songs That Need to Be Made Into Books

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I think it’s easy to think art stops at the artist — that a book is written,

The readers and consumers of art carry those thoughts and lines with them for their entire lives

It’s a natural form of love to spend time creating, inspired by the things you’ve

And the visual album Dirty Computer by Janelle Monae has already been made into a book, so

There’s the potential for pining, jealousy, and, of course, the moment on the dance floor when

The music video practically writes the book itself: a high school football player romance with heartbreak and

Really, at the heart of every romance and every single one of us is the simple want

Wanting what you can’t have, looking for greener grass, and the reality that sometimes a relationship

Kiyoko’s “for the girls” music video makes this premise a reality with Hayley in the role

Just imagine a novel digging into the drama, the romance, and the betrayal behind the scenes on

“No Place in Heaven” deals with the often-complicated relationship queer people have with religion and God

Sometimes relationships really do save you, and that’s exactly what Sivan’s “Angel Baby” is about

Just imagine a character writing their love interest the lyrics to this song as a love letter!

“Pink + White” is full of nostalgia and the way we carry pieces of those we lost and

The feeling of loss and immortality side by side, with images of cannonballs and dreams of flying