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Profiles in Supervillainy: Mahkizmo | Book Riot

Some supervillains, however, are worth a lot more than others

Are they underrated gems or irredeemable losers who deserve to be forgotten? You decide! Today’s subject:

The second Jessica Plummer mentioned this guy in her Sexy She-Hulk article, I HAD to know more

Actually, imagine multiple futures, as there are millions, if not billions, of potential futures floating around out

In another, there is Machus, a planet ruled by men who subjugate women

So both worlds send one representive back into the 20th century to try to steer events in

The women send Thundra; the men send Mahkizmo, the Nuclear Man

Mahkizmo comes all the way from the planet Machus, where he rules, to beat the stuffing out

He also has the power to throw literally explosive punches, hence the moniker “nuclear man

The Fantastic Four, with a big assist from Thundra, defeat Mahkizmo by slugging him just as he’

The resulting explosion somehow provides the energy necessary for Machus to merge with Femizonia without destroying either

It also magically fixes all the planets’ problems by making men and women equals

Eventually, he was able to possess some poor schmo and turn him into a new Mahkizmo

This seems like it would put the kibosh on Mahkizmo’s entire future, a fact you’d

Don’t worry, Shulkie immediately starts yelling at the writer to let him know what she thinks

Mahkizmo drags She-Hulk back to the future to marry him, and she plays along long enough to

The story ends with Eros coming to take his arrow back and Shulkie explaining that little flaw

Now that he knows where babies come from, he’s gone full Gaston and wants to find

He picks Captain Marvel, who has been through this nonsense before and refuses to cooperate

Nuclear Man traps Cap and a bunch of other women in a dystopia realm, where they band

He even did research on Cap to find the best way to “break” her

That’s an acronym for Son of Mahkizmo, which is one step above naming the kid Testosterone

Unsurprisingly, Som throws his lot in with the women to help stop his father’s schemes

We learn nothing of Som’s mother or what kind of family life they had

Aside from a do-nothing cameo in Fantastic Four: Foes, the comics I’ve discussed encompass the entirety

In other words, when they depict one world in which women are completely subjugated by misogynists, they

(Their obvious disdain for women’s lib also contributed to this decision, I’m sure

) This blunts the full villainy of Mahkizmo’s actions and distracts from the very real danger posed

I’m a little conflicted on that — I did enjoy the screaming looney tune version of the

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