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Powerful Trick to Flip the Switch and Turn On

They sit before a monitor — one of those ancient furniture-like monitors — of creamy, gray plastic

The voice says, ‘Mom, I wish I could tell you this in person, but it took some

Mom, if it’s all right, we’d like to come to Massachusetts for Thanksgiving

The story concept rattled around their mind for days, months, and years

To this day, whenever I smell chrysanthemums, I am transported back to 1977 and my father’s funeral

I don’t have to describe the elements of a smell to benefit from the sensory prompt

My go-to writing music is John Tesh’s 1995 album Live at Red Rocks

If you’re not familiar with Tesh, you might compare his style to Yanni

I don’t often share this particular choice of music and album with others

Yes, the music’s tone uplifts with power, and maybe the primary reason I chose this album

As the songs go along, I don’t even notice the music any longer

Nonetheless, it allows (permits? prompts? promotes?) the conscious mind to create characters, craft plots, design scenes, and

If you have difficulty getting started in your art, find your music

If you’re like me, there will be days when you’re dying to just get through

And if you’re like me, there will also be days when you barely notice the closing

The algorithm offers up another selection, something in the same vein with similar tones, rhythm, and instrumentation

I named my Spotify playlist ‘Blake Besties’ for its composer Blake Neely