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Pick a Starbucks Holiday Drink and Get a Romance

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I prefer the coffee in my local independent cafés, not to mention the prices

But as soon as November arrives, and Starbucks announces the arrival of their holiday drinks, I march

I make it a point to try all the drinks at least once, even the ones that

Of course, when I go to a coffee shop, Starbucks or otherwise, I bring a book with

A lot of those books are romance novels: in fact, I read more romance during the holidays

If you’re also a romance reader and a Starbucks holiday drink fan, keep reading: I’ll

A note: although most of my holiday romance reading is seasonal, I purposefully chose romances that aren’

Content Warnings: sexism, mentions of suicide, loss of loved ones

Both Lady Honoria Parker and her father agree that she needs to marry

So Honoria decides to take matters into her own hands: she will pick a horrible fiancé, one

But Julius Hatcher, gorgeous, dissipated, and wealthy, may not be as terrible a match as she expects

Camryn Southern doesn’t have big expectations for this trip: she just wants to relax, and soothe

And he’s certainly noticed that she’s far from a teenager now

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CWs: grief, past emotional abuse, discussed death of loved ones

Professional bakers Sylvie Fairchild and Dominic De Vere are polar opposites, both in their approach to baking

When an opportunity arises to bake the cake for an upcoming royal wedding, neither of them are

It’s a shame that they spend almost as much time staring at each other as they

A bold drink like the Irish Cream Cold Brew requires a bold read

She describes her exploits on The Lust Diaries, a blog that is supposed to be anonymous

Falling in love is fraught with (emotional) peril in normal circumstances

In the midst of a reality show? The stakes go way up, as D’Vaughn Miller and

Although it has some angst, this novel about two women who must pretend to be engaged and

Tommy and Philippa’s love story is sweet, but there’s enough of a spark to keep

CW: panic attacks, grief, mentions of death of loved ones, car crash

Like the now defunct gingerbread latte (RIP), this novel is the perfect mix of sweet and spicy

In truth, I could have chosen any of Talia Hibbert’s novels for this one, but I

Similarly, this book is a lot less sweet than most others on this list – crossing all the

Three years after parting ways, the two meet again in the league’s All-Stars Classic