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PEN America’s Sobering New Report

“More” is the key word in a newly released report from PEN America, the free expression group

PEN’s numbers come from reports submitted to the organization, as well as those covered by media

This does not take into account the likely hundreds of unreported book bans, nor does it account

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PEN estimates approximately 4 million students are impacted by these book bans, which have been reported in over 5,000

But there has since been a shift, and now, books by or about LGBTQ+ people top the

Forty-one percent of the books banned directly address LGBTQ+ topics

Books by or about trans people account for 9% of that number

Book banners are far more interested in erasing identities and experiences of queer people and people of

Within those 50 groups are eight which operate regional or local chapters, numbering somewhere over 300 (think Moms For

The vast majority of these groups have formed since 2021–73%–and PEN reports that 20% of the book bans

An additional 30% of book bans are likely influenced by them as well, given the language and use