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There, at the bottom, she meets Emily, a ghost who has been stuck at the bottom of

When Anya frees Emily, she finds a friend — one who can spy on the mean girls at

Becca is the new kid at school, trying to make her way, when she finds herself unexpectedly

But even though they vow only to hunt the types of boys who don’t understand that

But when a member of her family’s coven is murdered back east, she soon finds herself

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Set at Younwity’s Institute of Magic in the days leading up to Samhain, Abby is disturbed

She knew Tam years earlier, before they mysteriously disappeared, and now she’s surprised to see that

But can they find a happily ever after when they’ve got a curse on their hands,

Now Florence has to venture across the wasteland to defeat the junkwraith before she forgets who she

Morgan is itching to move beyond her island home and start her real life

But one night, she’s saved from drowning by a selkie named Keltie, who suddenly comes ashore

In the mysterious town of Blackwater, Maine, two unlikely teen boys find romance and connection

Tony is popular and driven, a track star looking for his dad’s approval

Eli is more quiet and reserved, and he has a chronic illness that has made it difficult

Izzy Crane and her family have just moved to Sleepy Hollow, NY, a town famous thanks to

Together with Croc Byun, Izzy will have to figure out a way to break the curse of

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