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Oxford Professor Explains the Real Reason You’re Not

Ironically, the biggest culprit is mainstream “productivity” advice

Base salary, bonuses, and job security were all found to influence employee output — but nothing was so

On days with heavy fog, rain, or snow, expect your productivity to plummet

Life in today’s technologically advanced era can make us believe we have divorced ourselves from the

But we’re still being held at the mercy of nature’s cruel grasp

But there’s a problem — you do not have as much control over your work as you’

If this is the case, what are we supposed to do? On days when it’s pouring

As counter-intuitive as it sounds, this is the best way to maximize your creative output

You could stare at a computer screen for three hours, but at least one of those hours

Andrew Oswald from the University of Warwick offered students the opportunity to take a math test and

Prior to the test, half of participants were shown an episode from a British comedy show, while

Countless studies have confirmed that taking time off for pleasure will make you more productive

But for some twisted reason, our society glorifies creators who work their fingers to the bone, refusing

We need to get over the myth of the stressed and overworked creator

In one study, participants assigned to watch a movie were jealous of the group that was given

Over seventy percent said they would have earned just as much, if not more, without the distracting

Instead of fighting that instinct, give yourself permission to recharge

Back when everyone was standing in front of an assembly line, it made sense to make workers

If you didn’t feel like going to work, you needed to suck it up because those

Today, we’re engaged in a completely different line of work

We turn away from the evidence and resort to the same productivity hacks our grandparents used to

Participants were asked to view the instructions in the form of a video uploaded to YouTube — after

But of course, most students began clicking through related videos

The most creative individuals spent eight minutes (26% of the allotted time) procrastinating, and twenty-two minutes actively engaged

If you’re pushing yourself that hard, the quality of your content is probably slightly lower than

There’s a better way to get things done, and the solution is not to put everything

Instead of dragging your feet and forcing yourself to write, take time to ensure your creative spirit

As Academy Award-winning scriptwriter Aaron Sorkin famously quipped, “You call it procrastinating