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Out of Ideas? Please

In the late 1980s — long before Harry Potter was a twinkle in Rowling’s eye — Yolen wrote

With time, this boy begins to realize he is one of the most powerful wizard in history

On her website, Yolen practically screams at readers to remember that her story “predates the Harry Potter

” From animated portraits to a wicked magister who used to teach at Wizzard’s Hall, Yolen had

I have read hundreds of articles explaining how to generate an endless sea of ideas

Whether it’s a blog post, a novel, or an amazing new piece of technology, we seem

I used to believe the lack of inspiration was keeping me from writing

I even made an idea generator that will return tens of thousands of ideas for every possible

Despite what users claimed, they weren’t really looking for their next great idea

Sounds amazing, right? But that list can’t provide what you need most — the determination to sit

If I dropped a thousand ideas into your lap, you’d reject every one of them as

Claiming to be out of ideas is the ultimate “get out of writing free” card

He was a brilliant young man — his teacher even lauded him as the most brilliant student he

Over the next several months, Mehta checked in with Adams to ask about his progress

Each time, the master procrastinator insisted the manuscript would be finished “soon

The cover had been finalized for both the paperback and hardcover editions

Whenever Mehta couldn’t hear the sound of a clacking typewriter or the crumpling of paper, he

Where do great ideas come from? It literally doesn’t matter

Strip naked and ask a friend to return your clothes after you’ve finished your next draft

Do whatever it takes, but just remember the only thing that’s important is getting yourself to