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New Releases Tuesday: The Best Books Out This Week 

It’s Tuesday, which means it’s time for new books! Here are a few

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In this mind-bending sequel from the international bestselling author Keigo Higashino, Tokyo Police Detective Kaga finds himself

Late at night, the body of a murdered man, stabbed in the chest, is found on the

The same night, a young man named Yashima is injured in a car accident attempting to flee

Tokyo Police Detective Kyoichiro Kaga is assigned to the team investigating the murder — and must bring

Reasons to read it: Pick this one up for another in the internationally bestselling series

Josefa is an unapologetic and charismatic thief, who loves the thrill of the chase

But she isn’t interested in stealing from wealthy first-class passengers onboard

No, she’s out for the ultimate prize: the Rubiyat, a one of a kind book

They couldn’t be more different and yet they have one very important thing in common:

While the odds of pulling off the heist are slim, the odds of survival are even slimmer&

” If that doesn’t get you hype to read it, it’s also told

It’s the shifting between these perspectives that helps build up to the high-stakes climax

Spoiled, fickle, and prissy are only a few of the adjectives that have been used to describe

Her new venture won’t be an epic fail like her former professional cuddling service or

But his mentor has a stipulation: potential buyers must participate in an Ironman competition of sorts for

Drake refuses to play along with this ridiculous demand, until he discovers Morgan has signed up

If Little Miss Can’t Run a Block Without Gasping for Air is doing it, he

Now, if only they could keep their eyes on the prize instead of on each other —

In 1927, South Africa passes the Immorality Act, prohibiting sexual intercourse between “Europeans” (white people) and &

Those who break the draconian new law face imprisonment — for men of up to five years;

Abram and his wife Alisa have their share of marital problems, but they also have a comfortable

Abram is at a loss as to how to protect his young family from the grinding machinery

Alisa, who is Jamaican and the descendant of enslaved people, was adopted by a wealthy white British

But as she grew older and realized that the prejudices of British society made no allowance for

Reasons to read it: This is a poetic and lyrical novel that shows the toll racist policy

She suspects that she’s suffering from early-onset Alzheimer’s, just like her mother had &

With few options, she asks her estranged 25-year-old son Hudson to move in

He’s taciturn, moody, and frequently gone to hang out with his deadbeat friends

Then, a week later, a young woman is found murdered in her home a block from Valerie&

It’s a horrible thing to even wonder…but this isn’t the first

Preoccupied with her career and a secret affair with a band mate, she’d chalked it

Reasons to read it: Shifting perspectives and twists keep this mystery/thriller engaging, and the creepy Victorian

Pick this one up for interesting characters and intriguing histories — and to find out if Valerie&

But these photographs of daily twentieth-century Black life revealed a concealed, interior history

Instead of colonial nostalgia, she offers us “an exalted Black privacy

” What emerges is a dynamic reframing of what it means to be human and alive, with

“I am trying / to make the gods / happy,” she writes amid these portraits of her